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My Fresh Hr Instant Pay Go Beyond
The Paycheck

Become an advocate for
financial wellness and stability
by adding the top benefits
employees desire at their
next jobs.

My Fresh HR Instant Pay Money Tree Set Your Employees On A Path
To Financial Wellness By:

• reducing early wage access
• building their own emergency savings
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My Fresh HR Instant Pay background image Fresh HR offers a
mobile digital wallet
for working Americans that
helps them meet their
everyday financial needs.
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Every time employees spend using a Fresh HR debit card,
the merchant pays a fee to Mastercard and the issuing bank.
This fee is shared with us – by Mastercard – so we can
continue to offer our product for free.

When employees WIN,
you WIN!
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Fresh HR provides employers a new, innovative solution to the issues that affect the hourly employee — access to wages and financial stability.

  • Employers can offer this voluntary benefit to their hourly associates at no cost with the Fresh HR app.
  • Fresh HR also allows your employees to request up to 50% of their earned wages ahead of payday
    without any credit checks or interest charges.
  • The employee does not have to change their bank account information or use a prepaid card
    — Fresh HR will deposit funds to the employee’s current bank account or employer-issued pay card.

How It Works


  • No payroll integrations or minimum commitment
  • Free for you and your employees
  • Reduce the cost of paper check runs
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Enterprise security standards
  • Attract & retain the best employees


  • Easy smartphone sign-up with Branch app
  • No overdraft, service, or added ATM fees
  • Free earned wage access, plus, up to 2-day early payday
  • Debit card powered by Mastercard and accepted at thousands of retailers
  • Save money, pay bills and manage unexpected expenses with Branch wallet

Empower your workers with impactful financial wellness.

Fresh HR offers a mobile digital wallet for working Americans.  Our app allows any employee to receive money, manage their cash flow, and spend anywhere – all from their smartphone.

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To find out more how you can help your hourly employees access wages and gain financial stability, call Fresh HR today at 586-239-0274 or reach out to us on our contact form.


You can also suggest to your employer to sign on with Fresh HR to help fellow employees like yourself create financial freedom in your lives.  Share the news, gain control of your finances, and start living a better life!



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