Payroll lessons from Goldilocks

What Goldilocks and the Three Bears might tell you about your team’s Human Resources Department?

Just as Goldilocks was unsure of various chairs, beds and porridges. You may have put the same trial and error into the model, products, technologies, and vendors that you have selected in for your HR department.

Sure the next time you meet a potential vendor who has the “latest and greatest” pitch you may ask yourself …

What temperature do I like my porridge? Or how robust to I like my payroll technology?

How hard or soft do I like my bed or how complicated or simple do I like my benefits technology?

And what is a comfortable  chair to  me or the best Benefits Broker for my needs?

FreshHR helps organizations understand what they have today and what could more fully help them reach their goals by choosing the best “porridge”. #payroll #HR #peo #payroll #